Using ChatGPT service in a Joomla website


Install Joomla extension

Access the Joomla administration panel and navigate to 'System' → 'Extensions'. Then, proceed to the 'Install from Web' tab.

Type 'txt42' into the search field and click on the result.

Install Chat GPT plugin in Joomla

Alternatively, you can manually download and install Txt42:

Download for Joomla 4 Download for Joomla 3


Enable Txt42

As Txt42 is included in the custom TinyMCE build, you need to enable it. Navigate to SystemGlobal Configuration and select Txt42 from the Default Editor combobox.

Enable modules

Set API key

To work with Txt42, you must specify your own API key. To obtain your API key, sign up for free on the Dashboard.

Set API key

Ready to use

Chat GPT co-writer in Joomla