Using ChatGPT service in a Drupal website

This article describes installing Txt42 module into Drupal 8/Drupal 9/Drupal 10 using Composer. If you use Drupal 8 without Composer, please see this article



The most straightforward and singular method for installing modules in Drupal 10 and Drupal 9 is by utilizing Composer. Navigate to the directory where you have installed Drupal on your server and execute the following command:

composer require drupal/txt42

Install and enable the module

Open your Drupal control panel, navigate to the 'Extend' section, and locate the installed module in the list within the CKEditor section.

Enable modules

Enable module after installation and confirm enabling dependency module.


Check installation

Navigate to Configuration → Text Formats and ensure that Txt42 is enabled for the desired text format. Choose "Full HTML" text format to configure Txt42.

Drupal text formats

Set API key

To work with Txt42, you need to specify your own API key. Sign up for free on the Dashboard to obtain your API key.

Set API key

Ready to use

Chat GPT co-writer in Drupal